University Kids



EDU-FUN Summer!

It’s summer fun time! Enroll your child today in our engaging and academic enrichment program: Around the World in 80 Days! With their bags packed and passports in tow our scholars are off on an EDU-FUN filled summer vacation. With a concentration of scientific studies, they will travel across the globe:

dolphins_under_the_sea-normalSESSION 1: Under the Sea – Dive in as we study marine biology. Our scholars will investigate the deep blue sea and all the larger than life creatures that inhabit it. They will view classic movies such as The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo, take home a pet Goldfish, visit the Aquarium and enjoy Sprinkler Splash and Bubble day.

spaceSESSION 2: Red, White, and Blue – Celebrate the American Way with all the stars and out of this world experiences as we focus on space. We will travel through the galactic universe with our handmade space crafts, explore the kitchen with out of this world cooking classes and each scholar will receive their very own constellation night light.



SESSION 3: The Great Wall of China – Take a journey to the Ten-Thousand-Mile Long Wall of China and learn about life science. The scholars will take an in-depth look at the life cycle of the silkworm moth, learn Mandarin, and enjoy delicious Asian delicacies.

indiaSESSION 4: India! India! – Our scholars will take a look at the vibrant culture by dressing in traditional Indian garments, take a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal, and express themselves with Hindi art classes. During this unit they will investigate chemistry: mixtures and solutions.

elephantSESSION 5: Welcome to South Africa! – Scholars will take an excursion through the safari wilderness to study zoology. They will enjoy traditional African dances and songs, create large animal puzzles, and learn how to prepare fun animal inspired snacks: safari mix and frosted animal crackers.

SESSION 6: Oui, France!For the final summer session the scholars will focus on an All About Me unit, in which they will explore France via their five senses. Scholars will enjoy French cuisines, construct their own Lego Eiffel Tower, and enjoy traditional stories from native French speakers.


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